The Cutter Creator is the home sweet home of unique cookie cutters, hand drawn stamps, and a few baking tidbits to get you started. Every piece we make is totally original and meticulously crafted — and every batch you make will be as beautiful as it is delicious.

We make cookie decorating easy, so you can let your creativity run wild!


Like every baker has their secret recipe, we have a few tricks up our apron for crafting the cutest, cheekiest hand drawn designs. We make our products in-house, so you won’t find our shapes, cutters and stamps anywhere else.

Cookies are on our mind 24/7, so there are always new, exciting things coming.


When it comes to the best batches, details matter.
We believe the tools you use matter, too, so we’re meticulous with our product quality - just ask our bakers!
You can expect all the good stuff: Intricate designs, careful craftsmanship and incredible quality.
All of our sturdy cutters feature a generous 16mm depth and fine cutting edge. Our stamps are equally awesome with deep, crisp details and some handy-handles to make stamping a little easier.


Cookies are not only fun, delicious and totally addicting to make — they’re also art. Your creativity and batches deserve the best. With our keen eye for stamp art and passion for creating something beautiful, we’re more than run-of-the-mill without making it complicated. Stamp, cut, done, and share with everyone you love; no need to give us credit for every compliment. 😉

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I’m Naomi: owner, creator, designer, maker, and all things The Cutter Creator. I’m on a mission to uncomplicate the art of cookie decorating.

The Cutter Creator is a one-woman show, and that’s because I’m immensely passionate about what I do: creating stamps and cutters that make decorating fun and easy, whether you’re a hobbyist or professional. I’m here for all of you! 🙌

I was once a cookie and cake decorator, then my passion evolved. I paired my graphic design expertise with my sketchbook, and I’ve spent the last 4 years carefully refining every creation into a range of cutters & stamps my bakers have fallen in love with.

I put so much heart into every design, because, as cookie lovers know, it’s not just about baked goods. We have a passion for the craft, and we’re dedicated to the art. Cookies might be your creative outlet or your income; they might be shared between loved ones or sent out to friends. Either way, you want your delicious recipes to look as fantastic as they taste — because I know you spent ages perfecting that recipe!

I believe everyone should be able to achieve the professional look, whether they’re for fun or for sale. It shouldn’t be so tricky or so complicated. A batch is for everyone, not just for one… so the more, the merrier! My cutters and stamps will make baking something amazing a cinch.

From now on, you’ll have no more basic batches! Grab something special, or a few of your favourites —

Because it’s a collection, not an addiction! 😉