What is The Cutter Club?


πŸ’™ A way of giving back to our most loyal bakers, by offering points redemption, coupons and VIP discounts
⬆ Level Up with every dollar you spend to progress your way through increasing discounts and VIP tiers
πŸͺ So what are you waiting for? Let's make the most of your dough!

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What are 'Points'?

For every dollar you spend, you'll earn one point. Points will accumulate on your Cutter Club account and are redeemable for coupons. Available Coupons can be viewed under 'Redeem' on the Cutter Club portal here

How do I earn Points?

Collect points with every purchase to level up and unlock VIP discounts. Boost your progress by earning some bonus badges listed under 'Earn' in the Cutter Club portal.

How do I redeem my Points?

All available rewards can be viewed on the Cutter Club portal under 'Redeem'. After selecting your desired reward, a secret coupon code will be generated. Simply Add to Cart with your next order and done!

What are VIP Levels?

Giving our most loyal cutter lovers the VIP treatment they deserve.

Level Up ⬆ with every dollar you spend to progress your way through tiered discounts. The discounts have unlimited usage and will automatically apply to all orders while on that level.
Available VIP Levels can be viewed via the Cutter Club portal.

How's that for making the most of your dough?! πŸͺ

Can I transfer my existing points from the old website?

Yep - all points you've accumulated on the previous rewards program over the last 12 months can be transferred to the new program. Once you've created your new account, email me your details so I can manually update them for you.